Wie Sie die Qualität von VoIP-Anrufen verbessern können

There are 4 major factors that affect VoIP call quality: headset, computer performance, network adapter and Internet connection.

1. Headset

We strongly recommend to use USB headsets. It's even better to use call center USB headsets with noise cancelling microphones for the best call quality. Jabra and Plantronics are well known for their high quality call center USB headsets.

Analog headsets with single or pair 3.5 mm Jack connectors as well as laptop built-in speakers or computer speakers may cause an echo: other people hear an echo when they are on an audio call with you or your call center Agent. Softphone.Pro echo cancellation feature can reduce echo, but it can't resolve the issue totally.

2. Computer Performance

Softphone.Pro as any other computer program uses computer resources: CPU, memory and network.

Make sure that your CPU usage isn't critical when you're on call. Open Task Manager and check for programs using excessive CPU, memory and disk I\O. Close those programs or pause resource consuming tasks in those programs.

Open Task Manager and check for programs using excessive your network bandwidth. Torrent clients or video and audio streaming usually cause enourmous network usage.

3. Network Adapter

Using wireless network adapters (Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 2G, 3G, 4G) for VoIP calls usually produces acceptable results, but an Ethernet wired connection will guarantee the highest quality connection.

4. Internet Connection

Internet connection issues can make calls difficult or even impossible, from echoing and popping noises, to distortion, one-way-audio, and dropped calls. When your call quality suffers, please check the following Internet connection quality metrics:

4.1. Bandwith

Minimum required bandwith - 100 Kbps Up and Down.

4.2. Packet loss

Acceptable packet loss - 5%.

4.3. Latency

Acceptable latency - 100 ms.

4.4. Jitter

Acceptable jitter - 15 ms.

As you can see, many factors affect VoIP calling quality. Anyway we guarantee Softphone.Pro high call quality if you follow the recommendations above.

As much as we'd love to help, computer and network diagnostic is beyond what we're able to do for customers. Please contact your system administrator and VoIP provider's technical support for assistance. You can also configure Softphone.Pro to send diagnostic information to the SIP server.