How to report a critical issue

Support team pipeline

Our business hours are 05:00 to 15:00 (UTC+0). We only accept support requests by our email address or through a reply to the trial version email (you'll hear back from

We don't accept support requests by phone.

We prioritize requests from paid version users and dealers. We guarantee that we'll process your request. Response time depends on team's current workload.

To ensure faster response time to your request:

  • Please describe the issue you encountered. Example: "Can't hear other side while making the call" or "Can't see presense indication in Contacts window."
  • Explain in detail what are you doing, what are you expecting to achieve, and what actually happens.
  • Send diagnostic information from the app following this instruction, if you are able to send one, and add report ID number to the letter.
  • If you weren't able to get report ID number, go to:
    C:\Users\[WINDOWS-USER]\AppData\Local\SoftphonePro if you're using Windows
    /Users/[USER]/Library/Application Support/SoftphonePro/ if you're using MacOS
    and send all files and folders from this location to

Report a critical issue

If you encountered a critical Softphone.Pro Team issue that affect your company as a whole, please notify us.

You can do that by writing a letter to Describe your issue and attach report ID number if you were able to send it.

In the Subject line use the keyword Critical and briefly describe your issue. We'll try to process your request as soon as possible.

Critical issues include:

  • All your users can't launch or log into Softphone.Pro app connected to Team service.
  • Team dashboard is unavailable from every PC in your office.
  • Team servers are unreachable from every PC in your office.
  • Other issues that can be replicated for all users at the same time.

Important! If you mark the letter that contains general Softphone.Pro questions or request to help with settings as Critical, it will be processed in a general order.

Please make sure your infrastructure hasn't changed before sending a request. Consult with your IT department and service providers if necessary.